The Beautiful Town Of Lowestoft

After the 1800s, this place has seen a lot of changes. In the late eighteenth century this place gradually started to get recognition. After that, this town has seen a lot of ups and down. But finally this town has reached its ultimate level where now it is considered among the best tourist places in England.

To start with let's explore the first destination spot of Lowestoft - Suffolk, that is the Bellevue Park. The beauty of this park is that other than the beautiful flowers, birds and trees, here you get a chance to experience the beauty of the North Sea. Moreover you get to visit the cliff of the Royal Naval Patrol Service Memorial.

Another but very important tourist destination is the Claremont piers. But this area has got its own history as it once upon a time was considered as the landing stage for all the London based day trippers. But now the scenario has completely changed. Now this place has got everything which every tourist would love to experience, and there are a huge variety of night clubs, cafes, restaurants and various kinds of markets.

If you have a keen interest in history then surely you will love the next destination point. This place is known as the East Anglia Transport Museum. Well, this museum is quite popular because of one of its amazing features. Here you can actually travel in some of the oldest antique vehicles of the world. In modern days you can't imagine this kind of travel antique vehicles like the old trolleys, buses, steamrollers any more! So this town is worth a visit.

Another tourist destination is the very famous restaurant of Lowestoft. Well this is not just a ordinary restaurant but here you get to see the beautiful south beach. Also, this is the first restaurant which is made up completely of glass.

Some of the other tourist destinations include Kensington garden, Lowestoft harbour, south beach, south piers, Lowestoft maritime museum, lowestoft lighthouse and many more.

So by now you must have acquired a lot of knowledge about Lowestoft - Suffolk. So don't think so much, come here to experience real natural and historical beauty. 

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