Brufut motel

The Brufut-motel is situated a short distance from The Gambia's biggest Holidaycentre. Here you can enjoy 'authentic-Africa'. You will spend The night in round houses with your own toilet/shower.
The Brufut-motel is a shared project between the Bah family from Brufut and the Veltmeijer family from Baarn Holland. The money you are going to spend at the motel will be used for different projects in the village including the local market place and a newly built football school.
The houses are situated in a beautiful garden, where you can enjoy African drinks and dishes if you like. They are six African style houses where you will have your own toilet and shower. Feel free to do as you like in the Brufut-Motel!

Brufut motel

via da Kombo Coastal Road

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