St. Ives The Best Of Celtic Cornwall

In the Far West, at the very tip of England, is a beautiful sixth century seaside resort called St. Ives Cornwall. There is a wonderful crescent shaped bay that has reputedly the cleanest water in Western Europe lapping its sandy beaches. Many times visitors are delighted to spot dolphins, basking sharks and Porpoises frolicking in the sea.

The coastal area is blessed with long sandy beaches such as; Porthmeor, Porthminster and Porthgwidden. St Ives captures the very soul of an old beach town. It offers visitor's culture of a unique kind including intriguing art galleries and gift stores not to mention the famous Cornish pasty shops.

There is a famous legend about ST IA a saintly lady of noble birth who travelled across from her native country of Ireland to visit Cornwall. Feeling a little fearful of the sea crossing, she began to pray. As she did so she believed that God answered her prayer by sending a huge leaf. Upon this she floated across the sea to the Cornish coast. The legend says that in time she founded a chapel in woodland clearing which is the site where a church dedicated to her name was duly built and stands to this day.

Tourists who plan to stay for several days in St Ives will have the opportunity to seek out many of the attractions that are beyond the city walls as it were. There is a popular theme park called the Flambard's Experience which has all the fun of the fair, booths, roller coasters et al, and visitors can wander through the old cottages and courtyards some of which are very ancient indeed.
Behind the Sloop pub is the Tate Museum, and a craft market called the Sloop Market where small studios are huddled together creating and selling many types of local hand crafted goods, especially beechwood items and their famous stained-glass products.

There is a wide choice of accommodation in St Ives; bed and breakfast cottage accommodation, rental cottages, and luxury hotels and apartments. Being Cornish and Celtic, there are all sorts of festivals throughout the season too; For instance if you happen to be there in the summer months the Midsummer Eve Bonfire is a must see event and there is the choosing of the Lord Mayor ceremony and Hurling the Silver Ball (a quaint tradition) to enjoy amongst many others.

The town of St Ives Cornwall is easy to find and is well serviced by public transport. Railway, Buses, and Coach links are excellent. Visitors to this ancient area of the United Kingdom will be assured of a warm Celtic welcome and return to their homes full of happy memories of this remarkable part of Cornwall.

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